Monday, November 19, 2012

Under Construction

This blog has been live an entire year!  I have so many recipes yet to share and so many things I'd like to post and am currently working on my own website, that may or may not merge into this.  When you pick up one healthy lifestyle, it starts to bleed into everything else.   Not that my diet was the starting point.  Years ago, it started with something everyone would pretty much consider normal and simple and it branched from there.  I started looking for healthier foods, healthier living, healthier mentalities and interactions.   I'm sure you've heard the phrase "toxic relationship."  It basically refers to someone who promotes instability, drama, unhealthy lifestyle or spirituality, or a general malaise in your life.  As facets of this life became shining or bright for me, others dimmed a bit.  That included some people to an extent.  What used to be important is no longer, simple things became simpler, and important things became championed.  I believe most of us go through this transition in life, and sometimes, sometimes, I feel like it may be easier for women who are very connected to life around them.  For many, it's easy to make changes for her baby: the woman who quits smoking while pregnant, or starts watching what she eats.   These things can ultimately lead you down a path you never thought you'd find yourself on.  I have talked to men that had these type of awakenings, with their kids, or with situations that were eye opening.  I'm not being exclusive, just noting that's where I see it often.

That being said, had someone asked me at 15 when I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder if I would be blogging about food and going to conferences for women, I would have laughed at them and told them, "I just want a better job so I can get a nice car."   It's easy to be a part of the system,  it's even easier to fall victim to it.  So, as we all navigate this rocky road of reality and dreams, we find our niche and do what we feel called to do.

In this case, I'm on my road, and since you're kinda following with me here, if you're interested in the recipes or you like what you see, subscribe for updates and make sure to check back once a week to see what's going on.  I am working on an index of all the recipes arranged according to type, sweet, savory, snack, or meal.  I may integrate into my website (which is built around natural and peaceful beginnings of life and family living) or I may keep my food separate from my kids - which is almost always a great idea, otherwise, we end up with banana pudding dripping from the ceiling.... across the room from the table.

Also, I made a cheesecake today!  Yes, another one.  And after my weekend with these mama-mazing women, I have realized I don't do quite as much with dairy free as some would like, I will attempt to focus some more on this.  I'm a dairy addict, and it IS a cause of swelling sometimes.  If you have arthritis, have tried gluten free the next step might be to go dairy free.  At this point, you wonder, WHAT DO I EAT??  Well, that's what we're working on here!  No, cheesecake does not fall into that category, unless... it's a dairy free cheesecake (yes, I have a recipe for that!)  I've also found a gluten free, dairy free lemon curd recipe as well!  We have great things coming, don't worry, there's something for everyone.

As for today's cheesecake?  Well.  It's ridiculously delicious.  Check back and see if I can be convinced to part with this wonderful recipe in time for the upcoming winter holidays!

Perhaps you'd like to try these recipes this year as part of your Thanksgiving dinner:

Upside down sweet potato pie
Green beans and cranberries
Spinache artichoke dip
New York Cheesecake

Enjoy! Have a safe and wonderful Thanksgiving.

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