Friday, March 9, 2012

Free Friday - green beans!

Welcome back! It's FRIDAY! YAY FRIDAY FRIDAY FRIDAY FRIDAY!!! So, as we all get ready for the gates to open and us go running out into the freedom that is no work and all play weekends, I have a new recipe to enhance your day!
The bad news was last weekend I missed a Goos concert. The great awesome ridiculously wonderful news is there is a charity event near my home for an autism program which has asked John Rzeznik to be their headliner. He'll be singing acoustic and opening Friday afternoon at 5pm. Tickets are so very affordable and on sale now. The icing on this cake? It's on my birthday. Thank you John. =) I'll be there.

As you can see, from this week and last with my surgery and recovery, I was a bit lazy with today's dish. It's super easy and perfect for a weekend with company, or without, this side dish will be an easy and instant hit. It's colorful and has some crunch. Gluten free, but not so sugar free. Most dried cranberries that I've found are tossed with sugar. If this is a problem for you, certainly you can buy fresh cranberries and cook them down or dry them yourself in a dehydrator. Since this is a side dish, I do not worry so much about the small amount of sugar it contains. It's going to be paired with a main dish, in my house typically some kind of protein/meat.

The whole thing can be heated in the microwave if you really need to, but I do prefer the stove. Also, butter is a huge key to making this work, so if you're not using real butter, try using about 1/2 as much of "Earth Balance buttery spread" instead. It's a vegan vegetable oil, but tastes just like butter. When my son was having sensitivities to dairy, we used that and no one could tell the difference. It just tends to be a little pricey.

Green Beans and Cranberries

3 oz roasted salted almonds
1/2 stick (2 oz) of butter - or 1 oz Earth Balance
2 oz dried cranberries any flavor
1 lb of cleaned, snapped fresh green beans
3-6 chopped green onions
1 clove garlic (crushed)
couple pinches of nutmeg

Start with the butter, onions, garlic and cranberries over medium heat. Sauteé until the cranberries start to plump up. Add almonds, green beans and nutmeg. Continue to cook until green beans turn bright green. Serve immediately.

In my house, this recipe serves one about 2 times. LOL. I love these and can eat them just as a meal. So, if you have people who love green beans, go ahead and double or triple this recipe. Otherwise I think it should normally feed about 4.


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