Monday, March 26, 2012

Hot Mayo

Today's sneak peek Monday is about complaining. Nothing say's "here's your hint for the week" quite like complaints. Maybe not that bad =) BUT, seriously. I have real issues with hot mayonnaise. There's lots of different kinds of mayo. Homemade, 'real', Miracle Whip. Most people have a favorite; I commonly hear real mayo is the best. I've tried it and I'm not a fan. I'm not really a fan of any of them, but if I had to choose it would be a light slathering of Miracle Whip. It's not more healthy, or any better, just something about it is tolerable. That is, until someone adds heat. Take a hamburger, or a sandwich, or just leaving it in the car too long and suddenly, I cannot stomach it at all.

Something about hot mayonnaise is blerg worthy. I can't smell it, can't taste it, can't tolerate it. I'll wipe it off sandwiches I would get from fast food restaurants, and if I was smart, ask them beforehand to skip it. So, why then when I search for recipes sometimes, they have mayo in them? I think this is disgusting. A condiment should NOT be in a recipe. A true recipe will have ingredients, which can be altered with heat or mixing, but why add ketchup to a sauce? What's that doing for you? Why not just some vinegar, tomato paste and some sugar? That would taste much better and probably cook better too. Somehow people still do this though.

I was really craving something amazing that I could not eat. I found out they made this particular dish with flour and no longer could order it. It was one of the most delicious, amazing dishes, and I really missed it. After a long time searching the internet, you know what people were using in this dish? Mayo. Seriously. Mayo. I was about to lose my stomach all over the keyboard. I could not imagine such a delicious dish containing mayonnaise. So as I continued to dig, I did find something.

You don't need mayonnaise. Surprise, surprise (sarcasm font).

So, save it to put on fish, chicken, sandwiches or burgers (if you must) but I assure you - you will NOT need it for this next dish, and I guarantee you'll LOVE it (if you loved it before having to give up wheat!) This next recipe is one of my favorites, it was adapted from another source, so I"ll let you in on who that is, and then we'll go from there.

That's your hint of the day! Regardless of where you've found this recipe before - it won't require mayo.

Friday will be a big day for me with my birthday and concert, so I may post Friday's a bit early! I have delusions of grandeur of getting everything done that day!

Come back and see what we have cooking on my birthday!

Have a good week!

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