Saturday, October 27, 2012

Gramm(a)r Lesson

Every once in a while, at 2am when I'm trying to think of something to make food look more interesting (you know, while I'm struggling not to run to my nearest Krispy Kreme and pig out until I'm sick for weeks?) I'll have a lapse in grammatical judgement.   I do teach homeschool, and sometimes I look at these posts later and think, "oh wow, the county is coming for me now."   I have to recall then, that I am desperately trying to keep my focus and positive attitude about everything food, and well, my judgement on grammer, ahem, grammar, will slip a bit.

Today was such a challenge for me, because I have soooo many recipes I've been gone and testing and trying and researching.  I have a notebook, that I lost for a bit so there were random strewn pieces of paper everywhere with notes and markings all over them, which contained everything I wanted to post here.  It was glorious.  I've struggled today with which to share.  Everyone is in such a fall mood!  We don't get much fall here in Florida, and among my music, pictures, food and school obsessions, I'm kind of distracted from fall.  It's such a beautiful northern event, but the south, we get great beach weather!

I'm taking the kids to get a pumpkin tonight or tomorrow and we're going to hope the costumes aren't all sold out.  I'm not a big Halloween fan.  It's so much easier to just send my kids into a sugar spiral by buying my own candy that I know hasn't been tampered with or has gross additives.  However, they disagree.  They like to dress up, go beg like hoodlums at the neighbors house and generally run around the neighborhood like it's a glorified playground on kid crack.  Well.  It is after all.

These past weeks I've had a lot of testing at school and work is very very busy.  Things in life are turning like the season and basically, I'm going after some more focus.  Picked up crochet (like I need more to do right?) and am patiently (read: extraordinarily impatiently and crazily) awaiting the MB20 U.S. tour.   Also, go figure, Goos working on their 10th studio album now, who knows when that release is but we'll all hang on every word John says until then and then RACE to get tickets.  Preferably front row, so I can have a repeat of watching my bff J. almost pull Johnny right into the crowd which she denies to this day.  I digress, and then there's Bon Jovi touring again and I'm sadly missing Aerosmith in Tampa in December.

My point, however, is this.  In the next few days, I'll have a GREAT fall flavor posted for you.  If you haven't tried the purple soup or the chicken kale soup, those are great fall flavors.  Coming up will be more acorn squash, pumpkin everything and of course, turkey!  It's almost been one year since I started my blog, and at the anniversary, I'm hoping to have something spectacular (like concert tickets? - I wish) but something you will love to share with your friends and family and NOT have to worry about your dietary restrictions!

This week will be busy but I'll post some updates and maybe a good fall drink.  My friend makes a smashingly good spiced wine but we'll make it more sugar free and alcohol free friendly!

You'll be seeing more of me soon as I get back to blogging and food!