Monday, April 2, 2012

Food Negligence

I think that should be a blog felony. You cannot write a food blog then neglect food. It just isn't right. You see, it all started on Monday (last Monday) with my delusions of grandeur....

I thought I'd get on the right track by starting to talk about hot mayo and how riled up I could get talking about that one thing that's so icky, but then with the saving grace at the end by tossing in a redeeming dish with no hot mayo! What a great game plan. Until I went to see Johnny. Oh ya. You read that one right. My birthday was this past Friday, and what did I get for my birthday? John Rzeznik. Well. Not like in my house, at my disposal (whoa is it getting warm in here???) but live in concert; an acoustic show worthy of all praises. I was front row, pretty much, one short girl kinda next to/in front of me but I was really close. My friend went with me and I shot some amazing video, very very awesome. He was on F-I-R-E fire. I was getting really bummed out waiting because I got there so darn early, since I was afraid of missing it, that I started getting so tired of waiting and thought about if it was going to be worth it. But alas, he was the last one on stage and boy did he rock it. Very alive and sounded like an angel. Good setlist, nothing crazy, BUT he did sing American Girl - hot! When John Waite doesn't come in and take over... =( I wanted to get it on video John singing American Girl live... instead I get this 80's throw back singer turned stage hog. Don't get me wrong, John Waite is great for his own songs. But John sings American Girl like a dream.

For dinner, I had the steak and shrimp fajita at a decent chain restaurant. Later that night a hit at the rack for some sushi. That was the day's dealings with food. I was going to try to be up early to write here but it just all fell through. I was going to go for a walk too and that didn't happen, and I was going to sleep more and that didn't happen either. Seems like I have some catching up to do. Saturday I did end up making a gluten free sugar free cake, but I'll have to replicate the recipe a few more times to make sure it's right on.

So. Since I partied with JR, screamed like a overzealous teenager, celebrated my birthday and had a blast this past Friday, it's time to get back to work. So, what's coming up on Friday?

Hint: What I was going to talk about last Friday. =)

Stay tuned!

Oh he's so beautiful... Like an angel with golden ethereal tresses and a voice from heaven... (am I going a bit overboard? NAH I DIDN'T THINK SO! hee hee!)

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