Monday, April 9, 2012

Monday Madness

Holidays always equal mess. Everything the day after is like a world class hangover. There's food everywhere, dirt all over the floor, bottles and cans laying around and as if a tornado blew through. Then, when you get up in the morning it's like the body remembers all the partying and decides it's had enough. Slow motion life sets in as you look around and realize, 'someone has to clean this up.' LOL!

Well, today has been full speed ahead for me. I doubt it will last long but you know, take the energy while you have it, right? Finished ALL the laundry yesterday, today I'm packed and ready for my upcoming trip (OOOH Monday madness I tell you!) and the dishes are washing as I type and the kids have all been drill mastered through their studies, no more Ms. Nice Mom. I handed out paper work as they walked through the kitchen, got their breakfasts, did the chores and then promptly seated in their chairs to work. There was much wailing and gnashing of teeth. Everyone wanted Monday off but like I said, when you only have so much energy you grab ahold of it. When your morning starts off kicka$$, it's such a waste to not keep going on that note. ;)

Been trying to decide if I should buy an iPad2 for the kids. It's got stiff competition with the Samsung Galaxy tab. Both refurbished, and the Galaxy is about $20 less. However, Apple's in the lead with some apps that I really would like to use for my autistic son. And then Galaxy comes back supporting flash. It's a real toss up. Then dh walks in and informs me we need a laptop. Uhh. ok. Nothing like being right there with the large ticket purchases right now. Seems it may all have to wait until I get back. Maybe not the iPad. Or the Galaxy. Sigh. Here I go again.

So the madness of today is simple. Post holiday, decision making, and a trip! I'll be leaving Friday so here's your hint for later this week:

Hint: If I get to this post Thurs night while trying to show the nanny all the cleaning stuff, food and schedule, then you'll get something fun to try this weekend. If not, well, I may try to put something together when I get there, via my iPod. It's a pain typing on the iPod though, so hence being unsure about the situation. Also, next Monday and Friday I will be in the mountain and on the beach so very little will be posted here if anything at all. I return shortly after that, and will resume the following Monday.

WHEW! Some hint. All the information you ever didn't need or want to know, but it's there! Let's hope my plane takes off and lands as usual or this is the end of the blog as we know it! hahaha. Get it? The end of the... ok ok ok. Bad joke.

Hope to see you here reading my new recipe on Friday AND that I see my destination in one piece! As usual for a rambling Monday piece, have some eye candy to reward yourself for reading this far!

Awww. Maybe not quite the 'eye candy' you were hoping for?! Better luck next time. =)

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