Friday, November 2, 2012

Sick Day

I have been working and/or going to school all day, every day, since Monday.  Operating between the hours of 7a.m. and 11p.m, 12a.m., 1a.m, 2a.m.... you get the idea.  Well, I finally did it:  dragged myself into a flu. Running around trying to do everything, getting up early and going to bed late, not to mention sneaking candy out of the Halloween buckets did not result in healthy energetic me.  My head got groggy, my sinus filled up, my nose started to drip, headache followed and pretty soon I was almost in tears just from showering because my joints hurt so badly.  I'm sure you understand if you have chronic pain or disease how debilitating a simple cold can be, and when you live with joint pain and you get the flu, sometimes, there's just no possible way to accomplish movement.

With that in mind, and hopefully a nice bright healthy sunrise on the horizon, I threw together a simple, fast "pick me up soup."  Consider this the soup to throw in what you have, and don't worry about what you don't.  Try to go heavy on the garlic and ginger, if it's spicy warm, it will help soothe your throat and kick up  your immunities.

Meanwhile, get some rest, do NOT surf Pinterest all day and dream of how lovely your house will look when you win the million dollar lottery and how many nice things off Etsy you'll own - I assure you, this will not make you feel better - yes, experience talking here!  Pick up a book (I finally settled on my new crochet book,) indulge in your favorite tv series (lots of good ones nowadays,) and lay in bed or sleep.   When you need some food, toss together this healthy and warm soup, give yourself a break and know... someday, when the kids move out, the house will be spotless.

Before we get started:  drink lots of water.  And, as I list the ingredients DO NOT cringe and shun them!  If you are sick you need quick foods!  Healthy CAN be quick but shortcuts aren't always the best route (remember the microwave?!)

Pick Me Up Soup

1-2 cans of large chunk organic chicken (OKOK DON'T PANIC!)  if you don't have cooked chicken in the house, maybe this can be a fallback.  It's not terrible!  Just quick.  However, I buy "packets" of organic chicken at costco, they cook up pretty fast and I can refreeze them in bags already cooked.  That is another option.  About 4-8 ounces of cooked, cut up chicken.  That's the important part.  If you're allergic, use turkey, or no meat.  We're flexible, we're sick.  It's ok.

4-6 cups of water (heated to a low boil)
2-4 ounces of shredded ginger
2-4 cloves of garlic -  crushed or chopped (garlic powder works also! GO FOR SIMPLE! whatever works, if using powder - about 2 taBlespoons
1 bag of frozen mixed veggies (organic is great, fresh is better, BUT we don't have a lot of time to chop, saute and wait around and we are sick, go for simple!)
1 taBlespoon of coconut oil (good oils for the brain function
2 taBlespoons of Organic Better Than Bouillon  - this is my favorite kitchen shortcut in the world... it tastes SO incredible, comes in vegetarian, but I use chicken flavor, has no gluten and tastes wonderful, add a little more if you want stronger flavor.
1 can of white beans, any kind you like or have laying around
2 teaspoons of fresh cracked pepper
You can throw in a few dashes of basil (or torn up leaves) if you like,
and some dried celery flakes if you like that sort of thing
throw in onion... dried flakes, or powder whatever you have about a taBlespoon.
OPTIONAL! very optional - one egg (with a separate bowl of cold water mixed with 1 TSP cornstarch.)  I'll tell you what that's all about

Here we go!

Get all of your spices together, oil and the bouillion, put them in the water and continue to low boil,  IF you want the egg... you're going to scramble it in a small bowl...Pour the cornstarch first and stir 3 minutes, then add the beaten egg slowly "dropping" drips of it into the boiling water and swirling gently with a spoon.  Next pour the veggies, chicken and beans into the soup.  Boil for 5 minutes or until piping hot and serve.  Whatever flavor you like the most... add as much as you like.  My measurements are for reference, if you love ginger (and I know someone who LOVES ginger) then put more.  If you hate onion, don't add onion.  This soup will work for you!

Easy, fast, simple, PICK ME UP soup!  Perfect for sore throats, sluggish colds and generally not having the energy to stand in the kitchen for an hour and cook.

And it's healthy.


Because really?

We didn't use the microwave.  =)

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