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Since I will not be here Friday, I will be posting today in a feeble attempt to keep this crazy train going.  I have a lot of fun with this blog and of course I love food so much,  that to stop blogging would be akin to stop breathing, except that sometimes I get distracted and I don't write whereas, mostly, I do not get so distracted I stop breathing.  Actually.....

Anyway!  So today's topic on a food blog, is manners.   I have kids.  I bet you or someone like you (ahem) has kids.   Maybe your neighbor has kids?  I'm sure you must know someone who has kids.  Kids tend to get sick a lot too and sometimes, perhaps this person is a little... unwell? (ahem)   Either way, kids are a great example usually of people who need manners.   However, I'm sure we've all met that ONE person who is genuinely full of himself, thinks he owns the world and doesn't owe anyone anything, especially courtesy.  This person could be compared to a child with his impetuousness, lack of discipline, and general lack of respect for the general public around him.  When everyone else starts to get angry, he tends to get bent over everyone's "irrational" behavior.   You see, we're supposed to be grateful, praising the gods for their hand me down.  Or whatever bone they threw.  So, today's lesson is based in the real world, where us normal folks live.


Please:  paired with a request:  Please pass the peas.

I'm sorry / my apologies:  usually following a mistake or misunderstanding:   I'm sorry we didn't post the stipulations of the contract you signed and then proceeded with the business deal anyway.

Thank you:  gratitude for a good deed received:  Thank you for purchasing things from me, when you could go to someone else and be just as overjoyed.

Excuse me:  sometimes coupled with "I'm sorry", continued clarification of error:  Excuse me for my mistake, I will try my best to rectify the situation.

Most situations and misunderstandings can be generally smoothed over by a general use of manners.  Sometimes it takes a little more effort to prevent a downfall, however, the work is totally worth getting everyone back to good.

Tuesday was a little rough for my friend J and I.  She's the one with the awesome pictures of Johnny at the Goo's concerts.  I stole them fair and square right off her camera.  {I'm sorry for stealing your pictures and posting them on my website.  Since you read my website, I'm probably busted.  - I'm using my newly learned manners.}  J is a great understanding friend, so imagine my surprise when Tuesday rolled around and our combined disappointment led to a long day of upset and sadness over a miscommunication.

Let's just say, we ran into an unexpected glitch in our fanatic and frantic race for our beloved past time, only to find out, it wasn't exactly what they said it would be.

We're recovering.  Don't worry!

In the spirit of learning new manners, getting on with life and knowing, we all have our ups and downs, I'll post a very simple recipe that will go great with some onion and chive sour cream and a little movie pick me up.  A nice snack that can be paired with some cheese or would make a great side with a burger.  It's gluten free, but has natural sugars.  I don't usually use potatoes on this site, however, this is very similar.  Sometimes you just have one of those days where you need a simple salty snack, but without the icky additives and worries about,  "what did they put in this."

Snackable Plantain chips

1-2  BARELY yellow plantains (basically - you want them yellow enough that you can still peel them without cutting the peel off like when they are green, but not with brown on them - which makes them sweet)
fine ground sea salt for sprinkling
1 lime, quartered

Heat your grill (I LOVE mine - you can see it HERE - I very much recommend it.) to 300-325f.  Grease the very liberally with butter.  You don't need the plantains to sit in a 1/2 inch pool of it, but not just a simple swipe with butter either, you want to see bubbles.  Slice the plantains anyway you like, but keep them somewhat thin.  Not potato chip thin.  Sprinkle both sides with a bit of salt.   Heat on grill till warm brown on both sides, about 20 minutes.  It takes a WHILE, about 10 min a side.   If you get to 10 min, and yours are not brown - let them be a little bit longer.  If you get to 10 min and they are burned, your heat is TOO high.  Low and slow.  You'll get a wonderfully crunchy on the outside, smooth on the inside, salty, chiplike snack, which everyone can enjoy, with no additives, chemicals or preservatives.  After removing from heat, sqeeze with a little bit of lime and serve with cheese dip or onion chive sour cream.

As for J and I.  Well,  we just look at this whole situation and our attitude now is, "I'll believe you when......"

(again, the blurriness is a little awkward for a food blog, I had to take these with my iPad.  Faith in my camera restored....)

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