Saturday, January 12, 2013

Bringing in 2013!

Welcome to 2013!   This year will be so much fun;  new recipes, interesting concerts and of course keeping it all healthy, added sugar and gluten free so you can enjoy your life as much as I do mine!   No worries, and no stress in the kitchen.  Lots of fun and much more to come!

Today's post is a LITTLE late!!  BUT! =D  I'm here! And I wanted to share this little indulgence with you.  Do you remember being a kid and mom cooking a nice warm gooey grilled cheese sandwich with crispy brown but soft inside toast?   Oh wow.  If that didn't get your mouth watering, nothing will!   She might have cut it in triangles so you could dip it in a piping hot and sweetly tangy tomato soup!  OH BOY!  That is some serious comfort food there!!

Well, it may not be grain free today, but if you're looking for a nice comfort food treat, today's recipe delivers.  Gooey, hot and crispy all at the same time, this grilled cheese sandwich is SUPER simple to make and lots of fun to eat!  Pair it with your favorite gluten free tomato soup and enjoy!   My disclaimer today is this:  you're going to take one look at this and think "quesadilla"... and  you'd be right.  Except... it really does work as a wonderful replacement for a grilled cheese sandwich.  There are plenty of breads out there that are GF and work just fine for grilled cheese, however, I find they are super filling and some are made with a long list of starches that I just can't justify eating in my diet.  The tortillas I buy are hand made, stone ground corn and water with lime.  That's it.  That IS the ingredient list.   The way they make it results in a soft and delicious finished sandwich, that melts in your mouth.  Feel free to pair it with the meat of your choice... steak, cold cuts, ham, or chicken for a meal.  I've added an "alternate" option if you're looking to serve this as a meal.

Grilled cheese sandwich-tortillas
(vegetarian friendly)
4-6 corn tortillas
block of sharp cheddar cheese sliced (about 4-5 slices per tortilla)
butter to grease pan or griddle

Heat griddle to 350f.  You can put the butter on the tortilla or on the pan, but be generous.  lightly brown one side until crispy, about 3 min.  Flip the tortilla, lay 4-5 slices of cheddar on the browned side and gently fold over in 1/2.   Brown each side about 2-3 min, and until cheese is gooey and melted.  Serve hot with your favorite tomato soup.

*Grilled Cheese Dinner
(alternate to plain grilled cheese, can be used as a meal - omit meat, or use tofurkey for a vegetarian friendly recipe)
4-6 corn tortillas
block of sharp cheddar cheese sliced (4-5 slices per tortilla)
2 cooked, shredded chicken breasts
8 oz of chopped broccoli florets (or you can grate the floret part and "sprinkle" it like cheese)

Place chicken and broccoli in a bowl and stir until well mixed.  Heat griddle to 350f.  Warm butter on griddle or butter a tortilla, and grill until light brown about 3 minutes.  Flip and add 4 slices of cheese, sprinkle the chicken and broccoli florets until cheese is covered.  Fold tortilla in 1/2 and brown each side about 3-4 minutes or until cheese is hot and melted.  Serve hot with salad and hot tomato soup.

I have some BEAUTIFUL pictures I'll be posting this weekend but until then, enjoy your comfort food!

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