Thursday, January 24, 2013

The Big Unveil

Let me start with one thing:  I did make this cake as intended the first time and it turned out great.  When I made it the 2nd time with a shape and lemon filling... things got messy.  If you want to use lemon and not chocolate, I can help with that, but my one warning will be - GO EASY WITH THE FILLING!

This has got to be my  most epic failure EVER.  I don't usually mind what something looks like too much (yes, it should be appealing to the eyes as well as the tongue) but mostly I want good flavor.  I want to bite into something and the memory of it later causes my mouth to water.  This cake had my severe focus on how it looked, and in the end, the lemon took over.  I won't be posting the recipe for that, I'm simply going to redirect you to where you can make the cake and have it turn out awesome.

First, the reaction from the crowd was amazing.  Everyone thought it hit the nail on the head for the theme and the decorations were done right and well.  The one thing I regret here is not covering the whole cake in white fondant and hiding the filling 'overflow.'  I think, even or especially with wrinkled white fondant, it would have looked very "portalish."

That being said, here you go, judge for yourself.  The edges are messy but the design, amazing.

I WAS PRESSED FOR TIME!  So, I used Wilton fondant.  This is processed in a facility that could risk cross contamination.  I didn't really have a problem with it, that's not to say someone with extreme allergy or sensitivity would be ok.  I have a link HERE for those who would like gluten free fondant.

That being said, I had an artist on Etsy make the birds, because no way did I have time for that.  She was super professional, very awesome and was able to take on my short deadline.  The birds were colorful and bright (despite how my camera was acting last night - it would NOT get the color right and I was super upset the pictures didn't come out as clean and bright as they should have.)

If you'd like to stop over on her store, you can find her at YOUR FANTASY CAKES!  She makes all sorts of cute toppers and is great to work with.

The Cake!

The cake I used was ridiculously good, and the recipe can be found here:  Sweetapolita

The fondant was used for nothing more than the decoration and we peeled it off.  If you're going for looks and don't have a theme, forget the fondant.

The meringue cake CAN be made sugar free!  Use stevia instead of sugar... I did 20 drops liquid and about a teaspoon of NuNaturals powder.  It turned out great.  As for the filling... I'm working on that.  When I get a sugar free version worked out, I'll post it.

The Geek!

I cannot express in words how much the design rocked.  Now, in retrospect, it could have been done a little more cleanly, and, if my camera had been behaving, the light and brightness would not have become such an issue.  

However, Angry Birds Portals was a huge success here!  And, as expected.... the cake IS a lie!

Enjoy the pics!

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