Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Tuesday is the New Monday

I hope everyone had a great holiday weekend, and unlike me, was not too peeved at all the places that were closed.  It's good that people are spending time with their families and everyone is on vacation mode, but sometimes you really need to get ahold of the doctor!   Ah well, I survived and so did everyone else, so here we are on Monday.  Well.  Tuesday.  Remember the post where I said even when Monday is an off day, Tuesday will just step up and take it's place?  That's totally today.  I'm so exhausted from overworking the holiday, plus not sleeping well, plus not eating well.  Ick.  Completely went weekend warrior and decided to rip out carpet and clean the house like it's never seen a mop.  Maybe I should have tried baby steps?  Time to get back on track imo.

So this week's challenge I was going to post the hint was an interesting thing I found online.  I made them last night, they turned out golden brown and beautiful, but maybe I did something wrong, because they tasted awful.  I made zucchini fritters.  I'm convinced they need to be baked like a cake at this point to maximize the flavor.   Like you would with corn bread.  Anyway, I do not feel like sharing this recipe, so we'll go on to something more creative.  Or less hassle.  One of the two.  With last week's yogurt success, I'm still over the moon about it and want to make more and more.  LOL.   Perhaps it wouldn't be such a great food blog if I post the same yogurt recipe every week though?  So here, I'm digging around in the piles of paperwork at my desk, thinking, "Ok, where did I leave that list of things I want to share on the blog?"  Then I realize I'm in dire need of an organization makeover.  There's only so much paper you can swim through in a day before realizing you're not crossing the English Channel any time soon.  =)

So, thank you for your inspiration, I cleaned out the pile of papers next to my desk and here's the list.  Amazing how many I've shared already and how many more there are to go.  I've been so obsessed with soups lately.  It seems so easy to make a soup, or eat a soup or just enjoy soup.  Easy on the stomach, great for what ails you and packed with nutrients and flavor.  If you make your own, get low sodium broth, or use a low sodium soup base like I do.   That's not to say I'll never use broth, but you can control the flavor and salt content a bit more with the soup base.

There's your hint for the day!  SOUP!  See you Friday!

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