Friday, May 11, 2012

Free Friday - Chia pudding!

It should be very obvious at this point that I was unable to create the coconut yogurt.  I really did try, but didn't get to the store in time to buy more milk.  I did however find a great recipe from another site that I will link with my modifications.   Also these few days, I did try an almond milk custard which did not turn out anything close to what I expected.  I added chia seeds to that too and it has great texture, but not very custard-y and more like egg and sugar flavored gelatin.  ick.  Well, some failures just have to lead to success eventually.

I did want to have pudding though and chia is my new love currently.  I wanted to share this recipe from another site:

Her pictures are gorgeous of course and the end result is oh so delicious.  The modifications are as follows:

Tropical Chia pudding

2.5 cups coconut milk
2 tbsp splenda, OR 12 drops liquid stevia, OR 1/4 tsp Nu Naturals stevia
1/2 cup chia seeds
3 tbsp crushed macadamia nuts
3tbsp shredded coconut - thai would be my preference (if desired)

Also, if you want to give this some kick, and can tolerate the juice, add some pineapple juice or extract to this.  Remember if you add any liquid to increase your chia, as that is your thickener.   Basically you're going to get a pina colada flavored pudding.  I like the coconut macadamia mix, still very coconutty, fresh and rich.  Now, I know what you're thinking... what happened to my scale???  Well, I was in a hurry, I threw some things together to and followed the recipe as it was on the website. I have not had time to convert it, but will come back and try to fix these things.  If you're already ahead of me measuring and weighing, then disregard my fix later and enjoy your pudding!

Since I'm in a hurry, and have no decent camera, there are no pics today but will be back on Monday with hopefully a new sneak peek!

Happy Mother's Day!  Celebrate with this great pudding for a cool tropical afternoon treat!

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