Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Monday Madness

ON WEDNESDAY!!!  LOL.   Soooo, if you didn't notice, I kinda missed Monday.  I blame the weather, my inability to focus some days and the fact that sometimes I'm just incapable of anything but trouble.  Monday went by like most of them do, with that impending sense of doom and "omg it's Monday."  Nothing really wrong with this day if it's a day off, but then Tuesday becomes Monday and you live through it anyway.  I digress.

So, here I am catching up from Monday, on Wednesday.  Who says we can't shake it up a bit?  =)  I have recently made my decision about the whole mess with technology.  I currently have 3 pc's in my home which I built myself.  I bought an iPod touch 4th gen a year ago to keep up with the technological demands of friends who love to talk as much as I do and at the time, Apple was the only company making anything like that.  Touch technology has been a dream of the 80's child for sometime.  To see it realized is like Steven Speilberg actually finding E.T. one day in a galaxy far far away - like his own back yard.  

Well, everyone knows my iPod met an unfortunate demise, and I had already been thinking of a new tablet for the house for kiddos.  Well, the choice seemed really clear after that incident.  I bought the iPad to preserve what was on my iPod and take advantage of all the apps I had already purchased.  Then, I had always wanted an Android product, so this was my chance!  I was finally going to be able to get one.  I had been considering replacing the iPod earlier but now I needed a new mp3 player.  You're asking yourself, why didn't you just get an iPhone or a Galaxy S II (SWEET) and save yourself buying a phone too.  Well.  There's always gotta be someone who lives in the past right?  The thing is, I use my phone and iPod simultaneously many times.  I can surf the net, look up things, do email, chat with friends and take pictures all while I'm talking on the phone.  Then my phone battery dies and I have to plug it in.  Imagine me trying to do all that at once on my phone (which cannot be done,  many times a call cannot be in progress while the device 'surfs the net.')  Plus, the way I see it, I would be constantly attached to the power cord, and what good is that?  I thought the evolution of the 90's to a cordless phone was the whole point of no cords.

I bought the iPad.  I bought a Galaxy player.  I bought a phone that does NOT require a data plan.  I'm still trying to buy a camera but I'm a little perplexed with that.  I had a good camera, not great by any means of the word, but still decent.  I'd like to replace it and there are many on the market which are similar, but for some reason my particular model is very popular.  As in, it costs twice what it did when I bought it, kind of popular.  What does this have to do with Friday's meal?  Nothing really other than the fact that I have no real camera to take pictures with, therefore, will not have much in the way of great food pics.  I do have a new photographer, so if that pans out, we might get lucky in the next few weeks, which are also going to be very busy.

My new thing lately is trying desperately to make a vegan yogurt.  I am not vegan by any sense of the word, but I love coconut anything.  Coconut oil is very good for you, coconut meat is delicious, young (Thai) coconuts are heavenly, coconut milk is great, coconut cream (whipped) is perfect, and coconut shakes have magical properties that transport you to another time and place where the world is perfect and life is beautiful.  But I digress.  Again.

I'd like to make coconut yogurt, and I think I'm going to give that a shot today or tomorrow.  It would be GREAT to share a winning recipe for delicious creamy, tasty, rich coconut yogurt.  Perfect for breakfasts with some almonds, snack or of course, people with aversions to dairy.  This would be a low/no sugar yogurt that you flavor after making it.

So here is today's hint, I'm going to call it 'Wednesday's Challenge' because there isn't really a hint.  The challenge is:  Am I really going to be able to make a successful batch of coconut yogurt by Friday?!

See you in 2 days to find out!  Consolation prize will be a different recipe or meal idea, and no pizza!

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