Saturday, March 16, 2013

Kix and Coldplay

I thought this was supposed to be some sort of healthy eating food blog... what is this nonsense about Kix?  Isn't that against the law in low carb eating?  Well, yeah, but after a long day, sometimes all you need is a little Kix and some Coldplay.  Or, well, lol, maybe not.  "Nobody said it was eeeeeeeeeeaaaaasssyyyyyy" may not be the most inspirational post-midnight ballad ever written.  Just possibly.  Milk has protein right?   Hey, who died and made me expert?  There has to be a point where you can just stop and turn around and say, "OK LIFE,  ENOUGH OF YOUR CR@P!  I NEED TO GET SOME THINGS DONE HERE!"

But maybe it's just not like that.   What is it about Christ Martin's voice though in that song (there's a link!  go check it out!) that makes a person want to melt into nothing but still cry like a baby?   So, if you're looking for the super smart and healthy version of this recipe just know that for what I can tell, Kix doesn't have any really bad additives that will make my kids turn any weirder than they already are.  I have a couple gallons of organic milk, and even some organic almond milk in the fridge.  I'm doing something right here.  The bowl is of course hand crafted pottery, made in the USA, with no lead.  It's a winning streak!   The spoon I can't really vouch for, except to say that it was given to me from my grandmother, and I know it has some real silver in it, but your guess is as good as mine for what percentage is real.   Bowl + cereal + milk + spoon + Coldplay = careful not to cry into your milk but at least you'll have some food in you like I do now, after a while of having trouble eating.

At least we'll have a fun project coming up with the rose water I bought.  No guarantees, but I think this one will be lots of fun, especially if you're a fan (as much as I am) of coconut shakes.  I have not found anywhere locally that makes coconut shakes.  So, in my ever expanding waistline, erm, kitchen repertoire, there is now the ability to make a really awesome coconut shake.  Now, with kick!  Keep checking back, we're headed that direction!  Oh, and in case anyone here is a fan of SmittenKitchen, I'll be showing you one of her awesome recipes that I tried, that needs absolutely NO fixing but I can give you some alternatives!  It's a great meal!  Careful heading over there!! She's addictive, awesome and not always gluten/sugar free, but don't let that deter you.  Totally worth the drool in your keyboard!

This below picture was taken in Canada, many years ago, in front of the home of an amazing W.o.W. pvp player and old friend.  I'm almost shocked at how good the quality is, considering the camera I had at the time.
See you back here soon!

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