Monday, June 11, 2012

Monday Sneak Peek - Easy!

I'm actually here on a Monday.  I can hear the collective gasp from my enthralled audience.   This week will be busy and I spent an hour in Ikea this morning.  That place is a money death trap.  I went in to buy a mattress for the guest room bed, which my sister will be needing by Wed.  I ended up leaving with a lot of things, that, while I do not regret buying them, I probably didn't need them at all.   There was a replacement cushion for the couch, a set of hangers, some curtains, oh,  yes, and the mattress after all.  Ikea is one of those places where you could definitely wander for hours and then walk out of dreaming about your simple, yet, fabulously organized, small but adequate home.  It's nowhere near anyone's reality, but it makes for nice imagery all the way home.  When I walk through the door and am greeted with overflowing shelves, books and paperwork stacked in every corner and toys draping every surface, I realize the imaginary Swedish land of clean and tidy is but a pipe dream - for us, for now.  I have some of those beautiful clean lines shelves and home items.  I fell in love with a dining room table, only to find it on clearance in their dent and scratch section for a fraction of the cost.  But upon further review, I realized, I have a perfectly nice, working and usable kitchen table; why would I need another?

Let's keep this week simple, since it will be complicated by family and chaos, the idea for Friday is going to be easy.  You're going to need just a few things, but you may have them laying around your kitchen already and when it comes to making this adorable snack, you'll just be so glad you came to cook with us on Friday.   It's fun, the kids will love it, easy to do and of course gluten and sugar free.

Now, onto the important stuff.  Matchbox 20 (which you do not get to hear about much around here because we're too busy drooling over our latest creations in the kitchen and the Goo Goo Dolls)  is releasing a new album on Sept. 4 but tomorrow, they release a single from the new album.  It's called "She's So Mean" and Aol seems to have some kind of exclusive on a promo.  I searched for another source, advertising, anything, and didn't find much.  So, the link below will take you to their new song, and take a listen.  People are complaining already - too much pop, sounds like their old sound, nothing new or interesting, and people are freaking out - can't wait for the tour, so glad mb20 is making more music, and awesome sounds just like the old days.  

Pick your side and take a listen.  Are you glad MB20 is bringing out another album?  They've had some trouble in the past but Rob Thomas has a lot of talent, and while still performs on his own (LOVE the song Her Diamonds) the band was a 90's hit and should definitely be on the scene today.

Check out their new song, and get back to us at the end of this week, for a fun easy snack idea.

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